The World of the Caucasus

The Regional Public Foundation for Promoting the Development of Culture, «The World of the Caucasus», was founded in 2000 on the initiative of  famous Russian culture figures. The strategic objective of the Foundation activity is to restore the disrupted cultural ties between the Caucasus and Russia, to establish peace and concord in the Caucasus through the means of culture and the arts. 
The Foundation aims to unite and coordinate the efforts of intelligentsia, politicians and businessmen of the Caucasus and Russia, of international humanitarian institutions that are concerned with the fate of the Caucasus and with the state of intra-Caucasian and Russian-Caucasian relations and who are ready to use their moral prestige, their influence and financial possibilities in the interests of peace and stability in the Caucasus. 
The general vector of the Foundation's activity is to promote and advance socially significant projects and programs in the sphere of cinematography and television, literature and the fine arts, drama, music and folklore that envisage cooperation between the cultural workers of the Caucasus and Russia, as well as programs supporting museums, libraries, monuments of history and culture. 
The Foundation started its work, proposing the vital role and importance of culture in solution of interethnic conflicts in the Caucasus. Today the Foundation advocates cultural dialogue as an effective means in resolving international problems worldwide.